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The Little Blue Boy & His Crayon Army

They say children see the world in colors we adults forget to see in.
I never knew the whole world could be a coloring book,
Yes. That includes every wall and window too.
And even the snow outside.

Monday Morning: 6:45am

You knew with one eye open that this snow was every kid’s dream
But every mama’s mini curse: A snow day.
It wasn’t long before reality set in and you began to hear a rustle.
Knock. Knock. Knock.“Mama?” came his little voice.
So, the day begins even earlier than your alarm clock had predicted.

Monday Morning: 7:00 am

Winter had set a blanket of snow outside, and try as he might,
he couldn’t climb them like mountaineers might —
Does this mean no school?

Late Monday Morning:

He looked at the world outside, deciding he hated the color white.
“Mama, I hate the snow, look at it!” his face clearly showed,
he had met a new foe and one he might like to fight.

“Don’t be blue, my little blue boy. Snow can be fun, I promise.
You can make it whatever you like;
A snowman, A castle, Even a slide. You just have to try.”
At that you watched as he nodded, eyes on the window
as he gobbled up breakfast; his new mission in sight.

Five Minutes Later:

Faster than he had eaten, quick as the speed of light, he got dressed
like the mountain climbers he had seen online and brought a secret weapon:
His favorite pack of crayons and every paper from inside he could find.

If only you had known then, the paper came from your office;
Every bill. Every meeting document. Every file that kept you working into the night.

The Start of Your Little Blue Boy’s Mission:

It began with a red crayon, then yellow, now orange too:
His mama was right, snow could be fun if he tried.
The paper had big words and lots of numbers,
But those weren’t important with his mission in sight.

One stroke, then another, and soon he became a paper magician.
Like magic all those big words became shapes and colors

He set the first paper on his first snow pile:
“Now onto the whole backyard,” he smiled.

Now A Freshly Noon Monday Afternoon:

You had been enjoying the quiet morning, thankful he had listened earlier.
Perhaps snow days were a gift? He was busy. Entertained. No stress in sight.
You should have kept that last part quiet in your mind —
For not long after, you heard the crackleof his mini megaphone from outside:

With one last sip of your morning happiness you stood, your mug in hand.
“Mama, reporting. What is it you-”

Your Monday Afternoon Surprise:

Slip. Clang. Hiss.And there goes your coffee
Brown liquid now seeping into snow.
There were your work papers and your little boy before them,
Each one colored and decorating every inch of snow.
“That’s even better than paper! Can I use your coffee too?”

You looked as he smiled, no longer blue but cheeks pink and happy too.
One breath. Another. Maybe five hundred more in a second.
“Yes, you can use Mama’s coffee too.”

(You’ll need more anyways to make it through as he trudged back inside: His new mission already in mind).

Can’t mamas get snow days too?